Jun 4, 2012

Snake Skin Satchels !

Snake Skin Satchel From AX Paris

Snake Skin Satchel From River Island

Snake Skin Satchel From Zatchels

Snake Skin Satchel From Topshop

May 28, 2012

Oh...The Spring !

What i did !



Hey gorgeous people :)

Has you know, everyone has shoes with the heels looking like a mess and all scratched out.
Including me...
So what i did was to take a black permanent marker, and paint those same scratches !
As you can see from the pictures, i think it looked pretty good.
I'll probably buy colored permanent markers for my other heels :)
Anyway, i hope you're enjoying your day...
See you soon !

Hey gorgeous people :)

Como sabem, todos nós temos sapatos com os saltos horríveis e todos riscados do uso.
Incluindo eu...
Então, o que eu fiz foi pegar num marcador permanente preto, e pintei esses mesmos riscos !
Como podem ver pelas imagens, eu penso que ficou bastante bom.
Provavelmente irei comprar marcadores permanentes coloridos para os meus outros saltos :)
Enfim, espero que estejam a aproveitar o vosso dia...
Até breve !

Love, Jo !

May 15, 2012

A Calm Walk On The Beach !

A Calm Walk On The Beach !

A Calm Walk On The Beach ! by hopelessjo 

Hey lovelies,
So this post right here is more like an welcoming summer outfit!
I picture this while having a relaxing walk on the beach on a nice day...
What do you think? Share your ideas with me :)

P.S.: I'm in love with white blazers... which is kinda weird since i never really liked white jackets, but i'm in love with them !

You can follow me on Polyvore :)
Hope you guys liked it and i'll be posting again very soon...

Love, Jo !

Goodbye Winter - Lazy Day Outfit

Saying Goodbye To Winter

Saying Goodbye To Winter by hopelessjo

Hey Guys,
I know that you might think that uggs don't go weel with a hot weather, but i really love seeing them with shorts! I guess that in my head, somehow, the combination breaks the "warmth" of the boots !
I know, crazy right?
And since i was feeling kinda lazy today i thought "why not make a "lazy day outfit" and post it?"
So here we go, the simplest outfit ever. And i know that this is a really short post, and that the majority of you think that using uggs, a scarf and a beanie are pieces too hot for now...
But i like it !! :D

Love, Jo !

Apr 17, 2012

Space Asymmetric Skirt

Space Asymmetric Skirt

Hey Gorgeous People,
I'm really really really sorry, for being a little absent the past few days, but i'll try to dedicate more of my time to the blog. I'm even thinking to start the "my daily outfits" type of blog, maybe i'll do it soon, who knows?? Anyway, since i haven't been posting anything lately, i leave you here this little set that i put together with an asymmetric skirt with a space theme, (you can buy it at romwe.com for $33), this skirt is insanely beautiful! Oh, and those gorgeous green shoes are from asos, and are about $65 here's the link.
As far as the other items of the set, you can see where to find them and how much they cost just by going the set at my polyvore account, here !
I hope you guys are all having a great week and i promise to post more often :)

                                                                  Love, Jo !